How To Choose The Right Men’s Rings

Adeena Tariq
4 min readOct 28, 2021
Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

Although rings are more on the feminine side, men across the world have continued to wear rings to signify several things, the most important being their marital status. However, some men may also wear rings to show their wealth, while others may wear one for good fortune.

The fact that men aren’t much considerate about the rings they want makes it difficult to choose the best one. But, our complete guide on how to choose the right men’s rings will help you get through this difficulty.

Whether you want to buy a men’s ring for your partner, enhance your personality, or show your wealth, our guide will help you find the right ring matching your preference.

Types of Men’s Rings

Men’s rings are of different types, varying between the designs and the purpose of wearing it.

Here are the different types of men’s rings.

· Wedding rings

Wedding rings or engagement rings are the most common types of men’s rings. They are usually simple and unadorned, which makes them be called wedding bands.

Men’s wedding rings often include gold and silver, but some other metals like tungsten are also being used.

Men often wear their wedding rings on the ring finger of their right or left hand.

· Thumb rings

Although thumb rings are becoming popular in men, their trend is still in progress in the US. Wearing a ring on your thumb is an excellent way of normalizing your overall look without sounding too flashy.

Many rich people wear thumb rings, and it has now become an expression of wealth. Skull rings are common to the thumb.

· Signet rings

Men’s signet rings have a sign or symbol printed on them and are usually common to a specific family or class.

These rings also evaluate the culture and traditions of a specific group.

Men’s Rings in The United States Overview

Although rings are associated with several beliefs that lived thousands of years ago, wearing rings is often considered your personal choice these days.

That is why men’s rings are becoming more popular in the US.

Today, several brands have come forward to offer the most reliable men’s rings incorporated with beautiful stones and designs to make your special occasions memorable.

As the US does not have any laws of wearing rings on a specific finger or during a particular occasion, men are free to wear their rings the way they want.

Thus, the ring you choose depends on your style and preference.

How to Choose the Right Men’s Rings

A small ring holds a whole lot of style that could enhance your overall personality. So, it is better to choose men’s rings by keeping the following factors in mind:

· Material:

Choosing the suitable material for your ring is the most important thing, be it men’s or women’s.

If you don’t choose a suitable material, it may cause a reaction to your skin. Low-quality materials in the ring also make it tarnish or bend easily.

The common material used in men’s rings is gold, which is the best of all. Other materials include:

· Silver

· tungsten

· platinum

· titanium

· diamond

· cobalt

· Ring profile:

The ring profile is generally the shape of the ring or wedding band.

The most comfortable ring profile is that of the full court due to its rounded edges. It stays fit on the fingers as well.

The d-shaped profile gives a flat look but resembles the full court in appearance. It also offers a modern look and stays snug.

If you are confused about choosing the right ring profile, a better option is to try different ones to know which fits the best.

· Design:

Although the design is basically the ring’s appearance, choosing the right design becomes difficult if you want a ring for a special occasion.

People usually prefer a decent and finely polished gold ring with no design or stones for a wedding or engagement.

As gemstones are common to women’s rings, men should try to add the minimum number of gems into their rings.

A large central gem is okay. However, a few tiny diamonds also add an elegant look to your rings.

· Width of the band:

While women’s rings have thinner bands, the thicker bands are specific to men’s rings. In general, the band width of men’s rings is between 5mm and 7mm. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a thicker band.

The band width depends on your own hands. If you have big and healthy hands, a thicker band will be perfect. However, thinner bands give an elegant and dainty look on slender hands.

Final Words

Men’s rings come in various designs and styles to make your hands sparkle. They signify decency and elegance, and therefore, should not be too chunky.

So, our guide on how to choose the right men’s rings will help you stay prepared for your purchase ahead and make yourself a head-turner at every event!